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Assistance Programmes under the Fund

Evaluation reports of assistance programmes

  1. School-based Fund (Cross-boundary Learning Activities)

  2. Medical Assistance Programmes (First Phase and Second Phase)

  3. Special Care Subsidy for the Severely Disabled

  4. Financial Assistance for Non-school-attending Ethnic Minorities and New Arrivals from the Mainland for Taking Language Examinations

  5. Subsidy for Tenant Purchase Scheme Flat Owners on Comprehensive Social Security Assistance

  6. Subsidy to Meet Lunch Expenses at Schools

  7. Subsidy for Elders who are on the Waiting List of Integrated Home Care Services (Ordinary Cases) for Household Cleaning and Escorting Services for Medical Consultations

  8. Subsidy for Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Recipients Living in Rented Private Housing Evaluation Reports (First LaunchSecond LaunchThird LaunchFourth Launch, extension of implementation in 2016 and Evaluation Report)

  9. Training Subsidy for Children who are on the Waiting List of Subvented Pre-school Rehabilitation Services

  10. Subsidy for Non-school-attending Ethnic Minorities and New Arrivals from the Mainland Participating in Language Courses

  11. Subsidy for Low-income Elderly Tenants in Private Housing Evaluation Report and Statistics

  12. After-school Care Pilot Scheme

  13. Elderly Dental Assistance Programme

  14. Subsidy for Owners’ Corporations of Old Buildings (Mid-term Evaluation Report and Evaluation ReportEnhanced Scheme Mid-term Evaluation Report and Evaluation Report, Phrase III Programme Mid-term Evaluation Report)

  15. Subsidy for Low-income Persons who are Inadequately Housed Evaluation Report and Statistics

  16. Special Subsidy to Persons with Severe Physical Disabilities for Renting Respiratory Support Medical Equipment

  17. Special Subsidy to Persons with Severe Physical Disabilities for Purchasing Medical Consumables related to Respiratory Support Medical Equipment

  18. Enhancement of the Flat Rate Grant under the School Textbook Assistance Scheme

  19. Enhancement of the Financial Assistance for Needy Students Pursuing Programmes Below Sub-degree Level

  20. Extra Travel Subsidy for Needy Speical School Students

  21. One-off Living Subsidy for Low-income Households Not Living in Public Housing and Not Receiving CSSA (First Launch Evaluation Report and Statistics, Second Launch Evaluation Report and Statistics, Third Launch Evaluation Report and Statistics).

  22. Providing Hostel Subsidy for Needy Undergraduate Students (First Evaluation ReportSecond Evaluation Report and Third Evaluation Report)

  23. Increasing the Academic Expenses Grant under the Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (First Evaluation ReportSecond Evaluation Report and Third Evaluation Report)

  24. Provision of Funding for Ordinary Schools to Arrange Special Educational Needs Coordinators Pilot Scheme

  25. Relocation Allowance for Eligible Residents of Sub-divided Units in Industrial Buildings who have to move out as a result of the Buildings Department's Enforcement Action

  26. Enhancing the academic expenses grant for students with special educational needs and financial needs pursuing post-secondary programmes (First Evaluation Report and Second Evaluation Report)

  27. Dementia Community Support Scheme (Interim Evaluation Report and Final Evaluation Report)

  28. Incentive Scheme to Further Encourage CSSA Recipients of the Integrated Employment Assistance Programme for Self-reliance to Secure Employment

  29. Pilot Scheme on Providing Special Subsidy for Persons with Permanent Stoma from Low-income Families for Purchasing Medical Consumables

  30. Pilot Scheme on Relaxing the Household Income Limit of the Fee-waiving Subsidy Scheme under the After School Care Programme for Low-income Families and Increasing Fee-waiving Subsidy Places

  31. Pilot Scheme on Raising the Maximum Level of Disregarded Earnings for Recipients with Disabilities under the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme

  32. Subsidy for Persons Holding Non-local Qualifications to Conduct Qualifications Assessment

  33. Pilot Scheme on Relocation Allowance for Beneficiaries of the "Community Housing Movement"

  34. Cervical Cancer Vaccination Pilot Scheme

  35. Pilot Scheme on Subsidised Cervical Cancer Screening and Preventive Education for Eligible Low-income Women

  36. Provision of Subsidy to Needy Primary and Secondary Students for Purchasing Mobile Computer Devices to Facilitate the Practice of e-Learning