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The Commission on Poverty endorsed the launch of the "One-off Living Subsidy for Low-income Households Not Living in Public Housing and Not Receiving CSSA" programme (2021) (the Programme) under the Community Care Fund (CCF) to relieve the financial pressure on low-income households. The Programme is administered by the CCF Secretariat (the Secretariat), and 220 service units (the service units) operated by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) will assist in implementing the Programme.

The CCF Secretariat will send notification letter with reply slip to the beneficiary households of the 2020 Programme (old applicant households) starting from January 2021 gradually. The CCF Secretariat has already issued notification letters and reply slips to most of the 1-person, 2-person and 3-person old applicant households. If some 1-person to 3-person households have only received the subsidy for the 2020 Programme recently, the CCF Secretariat will issue the notification letter and reply slip for the 2021 Programme within about one month. If old applicant households cannot receive the notification due to address change or other special circumstances, they can obtain a blank reply slip, according to their household sizes (i.e. from mid-January 2021 onward for 1-person households, from February onward for 2-person households, from March onward for 3-person households, from April onward for 4-or-more-person households), from the service units assisted in submitting your application in the 2020 Programme.

Applicant and household members (if applicable) must sign on the reply slip, the signature should be the same as that in the application form under the 2020 Programme. If applicant or household member are unsure about the signature signed on the 2020 application form, they can sign more than one signatures on the reply slip (e.g. Chinese, English or simplified versions of signatures) for verification purpose.

Since the CCF Secretariat has received a large number of applications and enquiries, if applicants wish to know the progress of their application, they can enquire from the service units assisted in submitting their application form/reply slip. For applications with all the necessary information and documents and that supplementary information is not needed from applicants, it is estimated that the CCF Secretariat will take about 2.5 months to complete the vetting and disburse subsidy after sending the acknowledgement SMS at the moment. Please wait patiently and pay attention to the phone number prefixed by 3157. The secretariat may contact the applicant by phone for supplementary information.

If you have submitted applications for the 2020 Programme, but have not yet received the subsidy / notification of the result, please do not submit reply slip or application form for the 2021 Programme. Otherwise, your application in both programmes may result in chaos and delay in processing.